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You wrote an awesome blog post, now how do you get it noticed in a vast sea of information? I am going to hep with that.

Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization?

What does that even mean?

What we are trying to accomplish here is simple. Get Google to notice your posts, pages & sites. Do we only care about Google? Yes, like it or not they are the only one that matters.

There are many ways to do this that I will outline below. I will also post a few resources & WordPress plugins that will help you succeed. This will be short & to the point, I don’t want to flood you with useless garbage just to make the SEO (search engine optimization) rank this page higher. So Let’s get to it.

Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

General blogging tips.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while writing your blog. Don’t use these at the expense of your story. The story you are telling is the most important part of this whole process.

- Use short paragraphs

- Break up long sentences (no commas)

- Use pics & media in the post

- Write in a “conversational” tone

- Write introductions using APP
- Align yourself with the reader

- Present a solution for the reader

- Proof: show demonstrable proof

- Connect to other bloggers with your interests

- Build an email list

- Promote in online communities (no spam)

- Take your own photo’s (no stock images)

- Build trust with your visitors

- Review things you actually use

- Don’t use direct cross posts (posting the same story to multiple sites)

- Use longtail keywords, if possible (specific phrases instead of single words)

- Find 3 GREAT keywords & use them in
- the title tag

- 1st 100 words

- last 100 words

- image alt text

- H1, H2, H3 tag

- make long posts (2000–2400 words)

- break content up with pix & media

- talk in common language

- be yourself & have fun

Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

About Keywords.

Don’t obsess over your keywords. Studies show Google doesn’t put too much weight into keywords anymore. In fact, they might not even factor keywords into their rankings at all. You should still use a few (three or four) good keywords to help with finding things inside your blog. But don’t go crazy with them.

It is a good idea to do a Google search for sites that are similar to yours & see what keywords that are working for them. There are tools to help you do this (listed at the bottom) & sites to show rankings & stats. You can use the Google & Bing tools to help also.

Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

Optimizing Instagram

Instagram is (at the time of writing) one of the most popular social media platforms in use. Younger people especially prefer Instagram over alternatives like Twitter, Tumbler & Facebook. FYI: Facebook owns Instagram.

Don’t just copy your blog post directly over to Instagram & ‘call it a day’. That is the lazy way to do things & you don’t want to be lazy now do you. Instead, post a relevant picture (one that you took yourself) & talk about what is means to you. You can then link your blog post for the reader to see more.

- Make your page/posts cohesive

- Use hashtags in post

- Use relevant hashtags

- Make a relevant display name

- Add alt text to images

- Use keywords in your BIO

- Use keywords in your captions

- Include primary keyword in username

- Include secondary keywords in bio

- Treat your hashtags as keywords

- Don’t use too many keywords (4 or 5)

- Don’t follow too many other accounts too quickly

Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

Quora tips

Quora is a lesser known platform that deals in questions & answers. It has a pretty large user base & the Q&A’s come up frequently in search results. The main thing to understand about Quora is that people are looking for real answers to their questions, keep that in mind when replying.

- research the questions & give accurate answers

- create an answer template for a uniform feel

- see if a question shows up in top search results

- use an image at the top

- don’t add links in the beginning
- build trust first

- add links gradually

- write a great bio

Twitter-icon Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

Twitter tweaks

The future of Twitter is questionable since Elon Musk took over (in Nov, 2022) but it will probably survive & go on to continue being both a great resource for information as well as a complete sewer for the internet.

Right now I am torn between using Twitter or just dumping it completely. I really don’t use it that much, but a lot of people do & they love it. It is a ‘real time’ social media platform that people use to fire off quick comments & reply to others. If you decide to use it, here are a few things to remember.

- Engage with other people often

- Be a part of the Twitter community

- Reply to trending topics

- Post a Tweet early in the day

- Tweet at various times during the day

- Don’t tweet excessively

- Use your 280 characters wisely

- Use ‘quote tweet’ to retweet adding a comment

- Use media in your tweets

- Be sure to @ users when you tweet about them

- Ignore all of the ‘trolls’ you will get

- Create a great BIO, use links in there

Facebook-icon Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

What even is Facebook for?

I admit that I do not use Facebook at all. I feel that Facebook is best used for communication between family & friends. I would be completely happy if all of the commercial advertising & corporate posts would just go away. There is an inherent confusion built in to their platform. When my wife, or sister, or other people that I follow post something there is a pretty good chance that I will never see it. I am not sure why this happens, but it happens a lot.

If you want to post on Facebook, I would say to just use some of the common sense tips from Twitter or Instagram.

- Be a part of the Twitter community

- Use media in your posts

- look at your header & user picture & make sure they are cropped properly

- Engage with other people

- Write in a “conversational” tone

- Create a great BIO description

Youtube-icon Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

The big one: YouTube

Oh, YouTube, the largest video watching platform on the internet. Many people have gotten rich using YouTube. This is one of the only Google services that I use. It is great for people to get their messaging out to people. For me YouTube replaces TV watching. I get my news from YouTube. I use it for entertainment; comedy skits, music, concerts, learning, howto’s & many other things.

YouTube is a place where a person with a webcam & an internet connection can be a news caster. People can record videos of police to hold them to account. Politicians can get their message out to to the masses. Anyone can make videos about any interest that they have. It is truly an amazing platform that has changed media consumption as we know it.

Then there is the dark side of YouTube, the algorithm. This is a mysterious thing that haunts both YouTube & Google in general. The Google/YT algorithm decides who will be promoted & who will be sent to a video graveyard. There have also been many channels that have been de-monetized or de-platformed completely for arbitrary reasons. If you create videos for this platform be aware that the words you use or say may have dire consequences.

- Have a theme for your videos (gaming, gardening, cooking, etc)

- Post about something that you are passionate for

- Write good descriptions for your videos

- Take time to edit your videos to look professional

- Use relevant keywords in your title, tags & description

- Make great looking thumbnails

- Have an overall theme for your thumbnails

- Subscribe to channels that are similar to yours

- Respond to comments when you can

- You WILL get a lot of hate, just try to ignore it (don’t feed the trolls)

- Don’t worry about getting rich, just have fun with your channel

- Also, don’t worry about view counts or subscribers, just keep going

- Write a script for your videos

- Plan your video shots to help with your story (shoot to edit)

- Watch other popular vid’s & learn from their creators

- Most of all, have fun & be excited about what you are doing

Freelance-icon Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization


That’s all I have for now. I will say that I am not an expert, nor do I have huge followings on any platform. I mostly like figuring out how to do something rather than actually doing it. I am a dreamer. Also I’m pretty lazy. Good luck & remember to be yourself & have fun with whatever you choose to pursue.

Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization

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Thanks for reading Blogging Tips for better SEO Optimization, I hope you liked it.




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